Abrazo Tango Front Cover


Tango Suite Part 2 Elegance (Rose)

Tango Deu (Maio)

They Know Not What They Do Movement 1 (Curwin)

This music casts a double-strength spell. Not only does it have the irresistible appeal of tango but it contains some brilliantly imaginative writing and intriguing arranging for a saxophone quartet.

The intrigue is partly due to having two classical saxophonists in Christina Leonard (soprano, alto) and Luke Gilmour (baritone), joined by two jazz saxophonists in Jeremy Rose (alto) and Matthew Ottignon (tenor), with the consequent juxtapositions of tonal quality and approach. The upshot is a fattened collective sound, further expanded by accordionist Marcello Maio and guitarist Julian Curwin.

The superb pieces have been composed within the band and, in the tradition of Astor Piazzola’s “nuevo tango”, stretch the rhthms to (back-)breaking point. The horns, meanwhile, curl around one another in dramatic precision, or explode in joyous or sultry improvisation. the whole is cushioned – and made more accessible – by the svelte guitar and swelling opulence of the accordian.

John Shand – SMH, March 09

2 Responses to Audio

  1. Yan says:

    Excellent samples. Thanks.

  2. ionasilver says:

    Nice taster of your great music, really looking forward to the gig on 21 April at the Sound Lounge.

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