ONEIROLOGY $20 + postage

$20 + postage

The new CD Oneirology (~ study of dreams), features Rose’s new suite for the ensemble Oneirology Suite, based on the Christopher Nolan film Inception. The work explores themes taken from the film in a musical context such as dream within a dream, deja vu and subconsciousness. The work forms part of Rose’s PhD studies at the Sydney Conservatorium under the supervision of Matthew Hindson. Jackson Harrison also contributes his piece Charcoal Chorale to the album.

Ode to an Auto Rickshaw

Following on from their critically acclaimed 2009 debut album Abrazo Tango (Tall Poppies), the new album’s music was composed by distinguished saxophonist and composer Sandy Evans and rising talent Jeremy Rose (Bell Award Winner).

Featuring special guest and internationally recognised Indian musicians Sarangan Sriranganathan (sitar and vocals) and Bobby Singh (tabla), the music relates and reflects the traditions of India, Jazz and Classical music styles, utilising tantalising sonic possibilities that are unique and beautiful.

Abrazo Tango

Abrazo Tango Front Cover

The tango, as a musical style, has become increasingly popular over the last few years through its association with the dramatic dance of the same name and its unique blend of sensitivity and aggressiveness.  Its connotations with sexual desire and elegance have made it a favourite in film and among many classical composers.  Specifically in the context of the traditional concert hall, composers such as Astor Piazzolla have popularised the genre.

“Piazzolla’s metamorphosis of the tango genre has left us with a musical form that allows and even encourages all of the things that we wanted to do with the group,” explains soprano saxophonist, Christina Leonard. Indeed, Piazzolla’s music was renowned for absorbing elements of classical and jazz. Neuvo Tango as it became known, moved traditional tango music away from purely dance music to music “for the ears not the feet.”

In considering possibilities for Compass’ first collaboration, Christina Leonard knew the unique blending possibilities of piano accordion and guitar with saxophone quartet were hard to ignore.

In searching for personnel to join the project, the quartet approached two colleagues of tenor saxophonist Matt Ottignon.  Impressed by his precocious performance skills, 22 year Marcello Maio, was an obvious choice for both commissioning and performance collaboration. His training as a jazz pianist is also evident throughout his performance and compositional style. The artistry and musical humour of guitarist Julian Curwin, who leads several groups of his own such as The Tango Saloon, completes the line-up for the first Compass project.

The final momentum for the group came with assistance and support from Fr. Arthur Bridge at Ars Musica Australis. Ars Musica Australis values the creation of new Australian music and generously funded the commissioning of the Tango project.

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